Accuflora Probiotic Review!

Accuflora Advanced CD Probiotic is a popular probiotic on the market, especially as a Clostridioides difficile probiotic, with over 160 reviews on Amazon, but is the supplement any good, does it have any side effects and is it as effective as they say? This is my opinion…

accuflora probiotics reviews

Accuflora Probiotic Full Review & Opinion

Who Should Take Accuflora Probiotics?

Accuflora Probiotics are ideal for anyone who doesn’t really have massive bloating, gas or digestive trouble, but just wants to maintain and do something for their health.

The box only costs $5.89 and you have to take about 2-4 tablets per day, which is not the ideal way of taking probiotics.

Thus we’d only recommend the Accuflora to someone who doesn’t urgently need probiotics but is just looking for a tiny improvement in their health.

Accuflora Ingredients Review

Usually, you’d consume one single capsule with a probiotic, but with Accuflora Advanced CD Probiotic, they want you to consume 2 capsules, twice per day.

Each serving has about 1 billion CFUs (healthy bacteria) and 5 different probiotic strains. Comparing that to other products that have over 50 billion CFUs and 14 strains per serving, and you’ll quickly see why we’re not the biggest fans of the product.

advanced cd accuflora probiotic reviews

The 3 strains I really like in the Accuflora Probiotic are:

Lactobacillus salivarius
This friendly bacteria helps in producing healthy acids that are highly antibacterial, due to that these are super effective in preventing bad bacteria from growing.

Lactobacillus salivarius 
This one stimulates the immune system, boosts dental health, heals the liver and also aids and reverses dermatitis and GI inflammation.

Lactobacillus rhamnosus
This last one will have the biggest effect on your immune system as it helps fight viruses, fungi, bacteria, parasites and other infections.

Accuflora Probiotic Side Effects and Allergies

With probiotics, it can get a bit funny when discussing side effects. The usual side effects include a bit of bloating or tummy noises after taking them.

But that was not the case with Accuflora Probiotic and I’m a bit sad that it wasn’t. You see the tummy noises are usually a sign that the probiotic is working, healing the gut and pushing out the bad bacteria and replacing it with good bacteria.

However, as that didn’t happen I’m a bit disappointed about the potency of this product, it didn’t have any negatives, but it didn’t have any positives either.

Regarding allergies, Accuflora Probiotic capsules do contain milk, thus if you’re allergic to it, it’s best to stay away.

Accuflora Advanced CD Probiotic Customer Reviews

Ashley says: These are rather chalky caplets. Not too big to swallow, but can leave a bit of the taste behind. Just my personal preference, but I prefer a regular capsule for swallowing ease and no chance of “flavor”.”

Ashley posted 3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5) review
accuflora probiotic side effects

Accuflora Probiotic Review and Personal Opinion

After taking the Accuflora Probiotics for over a month and going through multiple packets, here’s what I think.

First off, I was taking about 4 capsules daily, as suggested. Coming from other probiotics where you only need to take 1 dose per day, this just wasn’t ideal.

Pair that with the fact that the capsules are shaped like giant tablets and a bit hard to swallow and it’s just a recipe for disaster.

Another downfall with that is the fact that I always needed to set reminders in order to avoid forgetting to take them, it’s much more efficient when you only take a probiotic once per day.

accuflora probiotic reviews

And now – my biggest problem with these…

You’d think since you have to take 4 of these per day, that the effects would be quite amazing, well they weren’t.

Since the potency of them is only 1 billion CFUs (guaranteed only when they’re still in the factory), you really only get 4 billion CFUs per day, even if you’re taking the maximum dose.

This is probably the reason why I noticed no benefits at all from taking this probiotic.

However I did like that it has 5 highly beneficial strains, but then again, other probiotics have 12 or more.

If you’re serious about your health I wouldn’t recommend this product.