5 BEST Probiotics for Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a skin disorder caused by the immune system attacking healthy cells by mistake, this is largely due to imbalance in the gut bacteria, sort of similar to the leaky gut syndrome, where the immune system recognizes its own proteins as intruders and thus attacks them.

best probiotics for psoriasis

Today we’ll be taking a look at the 5 Best probiotics for Psoriasis out there, with the highest reviews from the customers. I’ve also tested every single one of these probiotics out myself and can personally assure you that they work incredibly well.

BEST Psoriasis Probiotic Review

1. Physician’s Choice 60 Billion Probiotic

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Physician’s Choice probiotic contains 60 billion CFUs (healthy bacteria) per capsule coming from 10 different probiotic strains, including a prebiotic.

Here’s a full list of the probiotic strains included in the Physician’s Choice probiotic:

  • L. Casei
  • L. Acidophilus
  • L. Paracasei
  • L. Salivarius
  • L. Plantarum
  • L. Bulgaricus
  • B. Lactis
  • B. Bifidum
  • B. Longum
  • B. Breve

One of my personal favorite things about the Physician’s Choice probiotic is the fact that it also contains organic Jerusalem Artichoke Root and also Organic Chicory Root Powder, these two are incredibly high in inulin, which is a prebiotic.

The reason why prebiotics are so important is because they dramatically increase your gut’s ability to absorb probiotics, in turn we could say that prebiotics make the probiotics even that much more effective.

I also have to mention that these probiotics are dairy, soy, gluten, and GMO-free, which is great to know. One other thing I love about these are the capsules, they’re super easy to get down and you only need to take one per day.

Overall, it’s the BEST choice on the market and I also use the Physician’s Choice probiotic and have been using it for the past 2 years.

2. NATURELO Probiotic Supplement

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Second option on the list is the Naturelo probiotic supplement, which has 50 billion CFUs per capsule, coming from 11 different probiotic strains.

One of the big advantages and main selling points of the Naturelo probiotic is that it’s certified vegan, and also contains no GMOs, dairy, wheat, gluten or soy.

The probiotic contains 11 probiotic strains, here’s a full list:

  • L. acidophilus,
  • L. plantarum,
  • L. rhamnosus,
  • L. paracasei,
  • L. salivarius,
  • L. casei,
  • L. gasseri,
  • B. longum,
  • B. lactis,
  • B. breve,
  • B. bifidum

The only thing that is kind of a bummer is that this probiotic does not include a prebiotic like the Physician’s Choice probiotic and I’m sure you realize from reading my thoughts above on just how incredibly important a prebiotic is.

Other than that, this still is an ok probiotic, the directions say to take a single capsule daily with some water on an empty stomach.

3. NOW Foods Probiotic-10

best probiotic for psoriasis

Now Foods has been producing health supplements for many years and their Probiotic-10 supplement has always been a hit.

Like the name suggests, the Probiotic-10 contains a probiotic blend of 10 different probiotic strains totalling up to 25 billion CFUs per capsule, which is a solid count.

The probiotic strains are really good, however there’s one strain that I’m not the biggest fan of and it’s the Lactobacillus casei, the reason why I don’t particularly like it, is because it’s super aggressive and can sometimes destroy even some of the good bacteria, while detoxing the bad.

But other than that, it’s still a great option. If you want to read more info, make sure to check out my Now Probiotics Review.

4. Culturelle Daily Probiotic

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Culturelle’s Daily probiotic delivers 10 billion CFUs per capsule, but unfortunately only from a single probiotic strain.

The probiotic capsules are vegetarian and free of gelatin, gluten, soy and milk.

The strain included in the Culturelle’s Daily Probiotic is Lactobacillus rhamnosus, which is well known for its positive effects and benefits for curing conditions like leaky gut, IBS and other digestive problems.

Like the rest of the probiotics on the list, Culturelle’s Daily Probiotic also has a delayed release capsule, which ensures all the healthy bacteria actually make it all the way down to your gut.

In my opinion this is a great choice if you’re in a very early stage of Psoriasis, but for anything more serious this simply won’t do the trick as a single probiotic strain and only 10 billion CFUs simply isn’t potent enough.

Also you can get the Physician’s Choice probiotic for the exact same price and it contains 10x more probiotic strains.

5. Hyperbiotics PRO-15 Probiotic

best probiotic supplement for psoriasis

One of the most popular probiotics on the market today is without a doubt the Hyperbiotics PRO-15, as the name suggests the probiotic contains 15 different probiotic strains and over 5 billion CFUs per capsule, which is definitely quite impressive.

Let’s first take a look at the list of probiotic strains included:

  • L. fermentum
  • L. acidophilus
  • L. casei
  • B. longum
  • B. lactis
  • L. rhamnosus
  • L. plantarum
  • B. infantis
  • Lactobacillus
  • Bifidobacterium
  • Streptococcus

Without a doubt one of my favorite strains from above is B. Lactis, the reason is because it’s been shown to improve digestion, IBS and numerous other conditions.

The recommended dosage according to Hyperbiotics directions is a single capsule per day, best taken on an empty stomach.

The Hyperbiotics Pro-15 is also free of all GMOs, wheat, gluten and dairy.

Looking for more info and a full review? Read more here.

Best Probiotic for Psoriasis Conclusion

Overall, it’s a great choice, but in my opinion, 5 billion CFUs per capsule simply isn’t potent enough and considering that the Hyperbiotics Pro-15 is quite expensive, I usually opt for the Physician’s Choice 60 Billion Probiotic, as it contains 60 billion CFUs and is much more potent.

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