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Best Probiotic for Pregnancy

best probiotic for pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most taxing times for a woman’s body. Every expecting woman goes through a lot of hassle to provide all the essential nutrients to her developing baby.

 The stress on bones because of additional weight to going through uncomfortable symptoms of pregnancy because of changing hormones are a few of the many reasons that make this period difficult yet beautiful.

The stress that comes if you’re about to give birth for the first time is extremely scary and nerve-wracking. I remember how stressful it was for me when I had my first son Jack. It was strenuous and tough, but one thing that made a big difference was probiotics.

Even though I didn’t have much experience with them back then, I remember how better they made me feel. 

The following are the 7 BEST probiotics for pregnancy.

BEST Probiotic for Pregnancy Reviews



SEED offers one of the most potent probiotics specifically targeted toward your gut health. It comprises strains such as Bifidobacterium longum and Lacticaseibacillus rhamnosus that help keep your intestinal barrier intact. The probiotic also requires no refrigeration and has longer viability. For its customers, SEED also offers sustainable refills. With a balanced gut microbiome, digestive irregularities during pregnancy can be well managed.

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Women’s care probiotic 90 billion by RenewLife

Women’s Care Probiotic 25 Billion by Renew Life

This probiotic helps replenish your gut bacteria through its clinically tested 12 multistrain probiotics and high CFU levels. The product helps colonize the human microbiome. It also helps promote regularity and gut balance. This restores your gut bacteria alongside promoting vaginal health. Potency and purity both are guaranteed through expiration.

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Is Prebiotics Safe When Expecting?

Probiotics are essentially just the live strains of bacteria similar to the ones found in your gut. These bacterias are helpful when it comes to maintaining a balanced microflora in your gastrointestinal tract, along with maintaining a healthy intestinal wall. 

However, there is limited research when it comes to probiotics. Researchers are still trying to understand how these probiotics work and whether it is a safe option for everyone. 

Nevertheless, there is no evidence suggesting that probiotics play any role in causing diseases related to your digestive system, besides some mild side effects such as gas, bloating, or nausea. 

When it comes to pregnancy, it might get tricky. Because of scarce knowledge out there on probiotic supplementation during pregnancy, one can’t be sure enough when it comes to consuming them. 

However, it is quite noteworthy to mention that there has been no evidence of them being unsafe. Researchers believe that probiotics have not been associated with maternal or fetal outcomes, miscarriages, or any malformations. 

A 2018 meta-analysis published by BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth found that probiotic neither reduces nor increases the risk of preterm childbirth or any other deformities. 

Thus, one can conclude that even though there’s limited research on probiotic supplementation during pregnancy, there isn’t any evidence proposing that it can cause any sort of harm to the mother or baby. 

What are the benefits of taking probiotics during pregnancy? 

Probiotics can work wonders when it comes to your digestive system. It prevents your intestinal wall from inflaming, thus keeping ulcers or diverticulosis at bay. Supplementation with probiotics can help restore the normal gut microbiome by suppressing or displacing harmful bacteria. 

However, when it comes to pregnancy, the picture might change a bit. According to Dr. Chang-Jackson, probiotics during pregnancy maintain the vaginal flora, not for curing disorders related to the digestive system. 

He believes that nausea and vomiting during pregnancy result from changing hormones. Thus, probiotics might not be of much help in this case. 

Nonetheless, pregnant women are more prone to vaginal infections than non-pregnant women. In such cases, probiotics can assist in sustaining a healthy vaginal microbiome and preventing infections. 

Thus, don’t hesitate to contact your gynecologist when adding supplements to your diet during pregnancy. 

What are the risk factors associated with probiotics during pregnancy? 

Probiotics are one of the supplements that do not get absorbed systemically. Thus the likelihood of acquiring bacteremia through the strains of bacteria present in it is almost none. Thus, they can’t pass to the fetus through the mother’s bloodstream and cause any harm. 

Doctors explain that the probiotics given to you are processed in your gut, and the strains present in them are similar to the ones already colonized in your gut. A 2011 study published by the Canadian family physician states that the probiotics taken orally or vaginally are safe, tolerated, and seldom have any systemic absorption that would make them unsafe during pregnancy. 

However, there are always certain contraindications when it comes to probiotics. According to an article, probiotics should be avoided if; 

  • You’re immunocompromised 
  • You’re allergic to bacteria or yeast in probiotics
  • You’re suffering from a chronic ailment or had a recent surgery 
  • Have pancreatitis 

What strains of bacteria are useful in pregnancy? 

The most common species found in our gut are lactobacillus and bifidobacterium, and thus also commonly found in probiotic supplements. 

Strains such as Lactobacillus Rhamnosus and Lactobacillus Acidophilus are often used to treat vaginal or yeast infections. 

Nonetheless, unlike other supplements, probiotics are not FDA-approved. Therefore, one should contact their doctor to know the type and timing of probiotic intake.  

Why is DS-01 Daily Synbiotic by SEED the Premium Probiotics to be used?

Probiotics offered by SEED are beneficial in almost every aspect of your body. SEED provides the best probiotic formula laden with multiple bacterial strains, whether your dermatological health or your cardiovascular system, to your gastrointestinal tract. 

Symptoms of pregnancy and the associated consequences of it is predominantly related to your Gut. These can be managed with SEED’s 37.0 Billion AFU. It assists in your digestive health as well as your gut immunity. 

Probiotics offered by SEED are thoroughly tested and ensure that it doesn’t cause any adverse side effects. With its prebiotic capsule, one can have a more competent method of combating this disease. 

However, seed provides a premium-based formulation to its customers. Thus the product helps regulate the overall function of the human body instead of focusing on one single system.  

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