6 BEST Probiotics for Candida

This post is a bit personal as I will describe my personal experience and struggle with Candida and how it caused me massive problems including dandruff, anxiety, skin disorders and more. Luckily that’s behind me now, but please be respectful for me sharing my experience. 🙂

probiotics for candida

So about 2 years ago I had tremendous problems with dandruff and dry skin in general, I’d also be anxious all the time and I had no clue what it could be. Then after talking to my friend and doctor, they suggested that I might have candida overgrowth, I got tested and yes, that was in fact the case.

According to my doctor’s suggestions I went on a diet, cut out all the yeast forming foods and even after 3 months of a super strict diet, my skin and dandruff problem persisted, that’s when I found out about the connection between candida and antibiotic use.

In my late twenties I was on a lot of antibiotics due to some health problems and I never considered those would be the reason that caused my candida overgrowth, it turns out they were, because antibiotics kill a lot of bacteria in the gut (good and bad) and create a perfect environment for yeast overgrowth – candida.

What’s the way to fight that? Probiotics of course! Here are my top 5 favorite probiotics that dramatically helped me with Candida and helped me get rid of dandruff and skin problems, my anxiety is gone too!

BEST Probiotic for Candida Reviews

1. Physician’s Choice 60 Billion Probiotic

best probiotic for candida

This is my PERSONAL FAVORITE probiotic, it’s a miracle in a bottle that saved me from my personal hell and totally reversed and “kicked Candida out of my body”.

I tried tons of supplements, even those listed below that worked for my friends, but it turned out I needed a much higher CFU dosage and the 60 billion CFUs, coming from 10 different probiotic strains were exactly what I needed.

After about 3 weeks of taking them all my skin problems, as well as anxiety were fully gone.

I also love the fact that this probiotic has a prebiotic included, as that is another big plus, due to prebiotic increasing the efficiency and absorption levels of probiotics.

Overall, this is THE BEST Probiotic for Candida!

2. Webber Naturals 30 Billion Probiotic

best probiotics for candida

My second favorite is the Webber Naturals probiotic with 30 billion healthy bacteria. The reason why I like this one is that it’s a shelf-stable probiotic and a great choice for traveling, as it’s shelf-stable.

I also love the fact that it comes in very easy to swallow capsules, which you only take once per day. There are 30 billion CFUs per capsule coming from 6 different probiotic strains:

  • L. acidophilus 4.2 billion CFU
  • L. casei 5.88 billion CFU
  • B. breve 4.5 billion CFU
  • L. rhamnosus 4.5 billion CFU
  • L. plantarum 4.2 billion CFU
  • L. rhamnosus 2.1 billion CFU

Out of the strains above L. acidophilus and L. casei are my absolute favorite!

3. UP4 Adult Probiotic

probiotics for candida overgrowth

UP4 Adult Probiotic is a 100% vegan probiotic, great for reversing IBS, Crohn’s disease and you guessed it – Candida.

This probiotic has a potency of 5 billion CFUs (healthy bacteria) per capsule, coming from 2 different probiotic strains:

  • Lactobacillus acidophilus
  • Bifidobacterium longum

The recommended daily dosage is just 1 capsule per day, which is great – however if you have taken a lot of antibiotics in the past, I’d recommend upping that to 2 capsules per day, as this probiotic only has 5 billion CFUs, so the potency is on the lower end. Check out the full review here.

4. Renew Life Ultimate Flora Complete Probiotic

probiotic for candida

The Ultimate Flora probiotic by Renew Life is one of the most potent probiotics on the market coming in at CFU count of 90 billion, out of those 54 billion healthy bacteria come from Lactobacillus probiotic strains and 36 billion come from Bifidobacteria probiotic strains.

Both types of probiotic strains are absolutely essential for vital health and in total there are 8 types of probiotic strains:

  • L. acidophilus
  • L. plantarum
  • L. casei
  • L. paracasei
  • L. rhamnosus
  • B. lactis (2 strains)
  • B. bifidum.

Other than the high CFU count and numerous probiotic strains, I also really liked the fact that the vegetable capsules are water-based and have an enteric coating, this dramatically increases the absorption rates.

Overall, it’s an excellent choice, full review here:

5. Hyperbiotics Pro-15 Probiotic

best probiotics for yeast overgrowth

Hyperbiotics Pro-15 Probiotic is another great choice if you really want to do some harm to Candida and get it out of the body as soon as possible.

As the name suggests the Pro-15 probiotic has 15 different probiotic strains and over 5-billion CFUs per capsule. Even though the CFU count is a bit low compared to other probiotic brands, it still is quite effective due to the strain count.

Here’s the list of probiotic strains:

  • L. fermentum
  • L. acidophilus
  • L. casei
  • B. longum
  • B. lactis
  • L. rhamnosus
  • L. plantarum
  • B. infantis
  • Lactobacillus
  • Bifidobacterium
  • Streptococcus

The reason why I really liked this probiotic is that the strains go together well and guarantee a very good anti-candida effect, I really liked this mix. You can click here to read my full review.

6. Garden of Life Once Daily Women’s Probiotics

top probiotic for candida

Even though this probiotic by Garden of Life is marketed and positioned directly towards women, please don’t worry as it’s perfectly suitable for both genders.

The reason why this probiotic is called Women’s probiotic is because it’s developed specifically for curing yeast infections – ladies struggle with those a bit more often than men, but men are just as likely to get Candida, so it’s no problem to use these, after all Candida is a type of yeast infections.

Taking a closer look at the Garden of Life Once Daily probiotic, a single capsule contains 50 billion CFUs coming from 12 probiotic strains:

  • L. acidophilus
  • L. plantarum
  • L. casei
  • L. paracasei
  • L. reuteri
  • L. salivarius
  • L. fermentum
  • L. gasseri
  • L. rhamnosus
  • B. lactis
  • B. bifidum
  • B. breve.

Pair that with the fact that the probiotic is shelf stable and contains no allergens and you’ve got an excellent probiotic. If you want more info, you can find them in our full review:

Best Probiotic for Candida – Summary

Overall, all the probiotics on this list have been tried and tested and I liked all of them, but there’s one that stands out and it’s the one that remains as my DAILY probiotic.

That is the Physician’s Choice 60 Billion Probiotic – as mentioned this is the probiotic that initially saved me from the hell Candida put me through, it did this because of the incredibly high potency and the numerous probiotic strains, which is the main reason why it’s so effective.

In my opinion the Physician’s Choice probiotic is the BEST probiotic you can buy today if you’re struggling with Candida Overgrowth.

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