When’s the Best Time to Take Probiotics?

Probiotics are one of the most widely recognized and recommended supplements by doctors all over the globe. Not only do probiotics help make your immune system stronger, but they also strengthen your gut by healing it with the good bacteria – located in the probiotic supplements.

best time to take probiotics

What’s the Best Time to Take Probiotics?

As we know your gut is essential to our health, our immune system as we often hear is located in our gut at the end of the day.

We know that probiotics are important and recommended by the doctors, but one thing we don’t hear often is the best time to take probiotics.

Is it in the morning or at night? Is it best to take them on an empty stomach? How often do we need to take them?

Don’t worry, we’ll be answering all these questions and more in this post, let’s start.

Best time of day to take probiotics

Before we answer the question, it’s important to note that it’s A LOT BETTER to take probiotics at any time, than not take them at all.

It can be easy to get annoyed about missing the perfect time to take them, but we would ask you to be kind to yourself and be proud of the fact that you remembered to take them at all. A lot of people totally forget about the importance of them.

To answer your question, the perfect time to take probiotics is 30 minutes before the first meal of the day on an empty stomach.


First let’s summarize what probiotics are, probiotics are a combination of a million different bacteria our gut needs to function properly and heal.

And by not taking probiotics at the right time, we can risk not getting much benefit out of them.

You see, our stomach’s primary role is to keep the bad bacteria out of our gut – this process starts right after our first meal – because the stomach needs to extract all the bad bacteria from the food we eat.

how often should you take probiotics

Unfortunately, with that, many of the good bacteria will be extracted with it, which is not ideal when supplementing with probiotics since our only goal is to improve the count of the good bacteria.

If you don’t have a chance to take the probiotics 30 minutes before your first meal, it’d be best to replace your first meal with something like oatmeal with milk.

This is because all dairy products naturally contribute to probiotic growth – especially the fatty dairy products as fat also supports the growth of beneficial bacteria.

How often should you take probiotics?

In regards to how often you should take probiotics, it’s recommended that you take one dose of probiotics 30 minutes before breakfast to get the maximum benefits.

Avoid Taking Probiotics with a Heavy Meal

As mentioned before, it’s best to take probiotics on an empty stomach or in case that’s not possible, it’s best to take them with a light breakfast that consists of dairy.

We encourage taking probiotics with a light meal because it improves the chances of those beneficial bacteria in the probiotics actually making their way to your gut, where all the benefits happen.

With that said, we do not suggest taking your probiotics before or after a heavy meal, as that will dramatically REDUCE the effectiveness of the probiotics.

Unfortunately, there’s still very little research out there comparing the effectiveness of taking probiotics in the morning or at night, but we believe it’s best to take them first thing in the morning.

30 minutes before breakfast on an empty stomach with lots of water seems to be ideal, as you will also be forming a habit of taking probiotics, which drastically improves the chances of your body healing and your gut getting better.

when to take probiotics

Best Time to Take Probiotics – Conclusion

As you read from the article, the ideal time of day to take your probiotics is as soon as you wake up (at least 30 minutes before breakfast) with a glass of water.

By doing so you’ll ensure your body and gut get the maximum benefits from the healthy bacteria in the probiotics.

If you are working a night shift and have a different rhythm, we recommend you take them at the same time every day – ideally at least 2 hours after a meal. After taking them to try not to eat for at least 2 more hours.

Nonetheless, it’s most important that you take probiotics regularly, that’s what really matters. Consistency is everything. 😉

With time you’ll start to notice all the positive effects, your digestion will get better, you’ll have more energy, you’ll be sick less often and your mind will also be a lot clearer!