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9 Best Baby Probiotics in 2022

best baby probiotics

Caring for your newborn is one of the most incredible life experiences ever, but it’s not easy. (I have 2 boys, I know.) 😉

Back then, when I had my first baby, I wish someone had written a guide like this to help me make the best buying decision and find the most suitable probiotic for my baby. I hope this post will help you with exactly that.

Best Baby Probiotic Reviews

Culturelle Baby Grow + Thrive Probiotics

infant probiotics

If you’re breastfeeding your baby, this is the best choice for you and your baby. Naturally, your breast milk is one of the best sources of nutrients for the baby, but with this probiotic that will become even better, as the probiotics also contain Vitamin D, which is essential for healthy infants.

The probiotic drops can be consumed by your baby by placing the dropper in the mouth, or by putting the drops on your nipple before breastfeeding your baby.

This infant probiotic by Culturelle is specifically designed for babies up to 12 months of age.

The reason why I really like the Culturelle Baby Grow + Thrive Probiotics is because it contains Lactobacillus Rhamnosus and Bifidobacterium, these 2 probiotic strains are perfect for calming tummy troubles and any sorts of digestion problems your baby might have.

BioGaia Protectis Probiotics Drops

If you’re looking for a solid probiotic product, that’s easy for your baby to consume, but also has great effectiveness with helping with colic and relieving baby constipation, then you’ll love these BioGaia Probiotic Drops.

In addition to the incredible results, which hundreds of parents are raving about online, this probiotic also contains vitamin D3, which according to many experts is absolutely essential for healthy baby development.

Unfortunately, there’s no research yet on how effective the product is for infants, but according to the reviews, it seems to be quite effective.

P.S. – If you like adorable product packaging, you’ll love this product. 😉

Mommy’s Bliss – Probiotic Drops Everyday

best infant probiotic

If you’re on a tight budget, but still want to guarantee to stay healthy and avoid experiencing any digestive distress, these Mommy’s Bliss Probiotic Drops will be absolutely ideal.

At just $12 per bottle, these are one of the most affordable baby probiotics on the market, but don’t let the price fool you.

These probiotic drops contain Lactobacillus Rhamnosus, which is proven to be one of the most effective probiotic strains that help with diarrhea, gas and baby constipation.

Another benefit of the probiotic drops is that they’re super easy for the baby to consume, as you can simply mix them with breastmilk, as they don’t have any strong flavors.

Overall, these drops are absolutely amazing, especially given the price point.

LiviaOne Daily Liquid Probiotics

If you like to live a healthy life, eat organic and pay attention to your well-being, these LiviaOne Organic Probiotic drops will be the absolute ideal.

LiviaOne’s Daily Liquid Probiotics contain 12 strains of soil based probiotics – which is absolutely fantastic, since that’s a very solid number of strains.

Additionally, the probiotic is 100% free of gluten, dairy, eggs and sugar – so no worries here regarding any allergies.

Reviewers say that this product is absolutely incredible and that they noticed results within the first few days after they started giving the probiotic to their baby.

Keep in mind, that the instructions say that the probiotic is for one year old babies or older – likely due to the wide variety of probiotic strains included.

Ideal if you’re unable to take the probiotics first thing in the morning before breakfast.

Mama’s Select Infant Probiotics

best infant probiotic drops

As we know, the first few years are of the absolute highest importance when it comes to our baby’s development. Mainly due to the new foods being introduced to the diet and their gut getting used to and adapting to regular food.

While the transition may be smooth for some, it can definitely be rocky for other babies, acid reflux, occasional constipation, colic and gassiness are all extremely common.

Luckily Mama’s Select Infant Probiotic is here to save us, with over 4 billion CFUs, this vegetarian formula is all natural and guaranteed to help with your baby’s digestion.

Additionally, due to the high CFU count, this probiotic can also help prevent the development of allergies in the future – allergies originate in the gut, as we all know it and by keeping our baby’s gut health in check, we can avoid allergies down the line.

Gerber Soothe Baby Probiotic Colic Drops

Is your baby crying excessively and to this day you still haven’t found a cause? Colic may be the culprit – in fact, it was with my second baby.

A product like Gerber’s Soothe Baby Probiotic is specifically designed to help with Colic, as the probiotic formula is created and designed specifically from probiotic strains that help reduce the pain and reverse colic.

As this probiotic does come in the form of drops, it’s really easy to mix the drops with breastmilk or formula, another benefit is that these drops also contain Vitamin D, which is another plus.

While many may be turned away by the higher price point, I’d certainly say that the product is definitely worth the price. We’re talking about your baby after all.

BabyBiotics Topical Probiotic Body Car

As you’ve figured by now, the vast majority of baby probiotics come in either a powder or a drop form, but this last product (in my opinion the best infant probiotic for eczema) comes in a topical application form.

It’s also important to note that this probiotic is only composed of 2 things – purified water and probiotics – it’s completely free of any other harmful chemicals.

To use it, you just spray it on the affected area and let it air dry. The product does wonders for diaper rashes, bug bites and all other skin problems babies get.

There are dozens of 5 star reviews totally raving about this product, so if your baby has any skin issues, it’s definitely worth a try.